Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pediatric Issues Paper (Health Brief) #1 Research

Pediatric Issues (Health Brief) #1 - Research Paper Example The Issue- The number of adolescents aged 10-19 years who underwent bariatric surgery tripled from 2000-2003 (Tsai, 218). The number of obese adolescents is increasing due unhealthy eating habits. The high consumption of junk food among adolescents increases cholesterol deposits in the body. According to Pollan, most American meals contain meat and products made from high fructose corn syrup (8). The number of adolescents involved in physical activities has also reduced drastically. Lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits increase the chances of becoming obese. Between 1999 and 2003, adolescents consumed an average of two 12-ounce cans of carbonated drinks. The consumption of soda and other carbonated drinks increases the amount of calories in the body. Bariatric surgery provides a medical procedure of losing excess body fat. The surgery involves gastric bypass that helps the patient lose several pounds in a healthy way (Encinosa, 710). The number of deaths reported during this period was 0.2 percent, which indicates that the surgery is a safe method of losing body fat. Programmatic Bottom Line/Policy Implications- The following recommendations can reduce obesity cases among adolescents. School systems and other organizations catering for adolescents should stop the sale of soft drinks in hallways, shops, and cafeterias (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 770). Adolescents should replace sodas and fruit juices with club sodas, tap water, or mineral water. Including adequate levels of fiber in the diet reduces cases of obesity. Spending less time in sedentary pursuits and engaging in physical activities helps burn excess calories in the body. Organic food products contain less cholesterol compared to junk food and industrial food products. The consumption of organic foodstuff lessens the level of cholesterol deposits in the body (Maziak, 38).

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